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Laager 21 Onrus Caravan Resort Feb 2020

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Laager 21 Onrus Caravan Resort Feb 2020

Arrived Friday late afternoon to beautiful weather, as normal we made our campfires and chilled, enjoying the company, until we had load shedding at 22h00 and so decided to have an early night.

We woke to a cloudy serene Saturday morning, after lunch it started drizzling…
Round about 17h00 our cheese and wine was ready and enjoyed by all until the rain came pouring down. Thanks a lot Don for bringing the umbrellas – “you saved the day”.
We all went back to our respective caravans where we enjoyed the rest of the night.

Sunday was an awesome day, weather wise, after the Indaba we all did our own thing soaking up the sunshine.

Thanks for a lovely weekend.

Keith & Desiree Arulandu

Arulandu, Atkinson, Cable, De Kock, Gilbert, Hendricks, Jurgens, Labuschagne, Liederman, Manuel, Murray, Rogers, Shaw, Smith, Vicars & Williams

Carelse, Pietersen, Lawrence, Saffier, Scholtz, Schwulst/Morris, Sinden, Simons, White

Monique & Byron Clarence, Patrick, Felicity & Ricky Rohlandt, Courtney, Wessley & Carter Barthus, Alain, Tamlin, Addison & Peyton Klein, Jenny Masuret, Linda Raeburn, Madison Vicars, Carla & Mark Phillips, Bev Nel & Peter Jooste

Congratulations to the following people on your birthdays!
Hazel De Kock – 24th Feb
Tamia Saffier – 25th Feb
Racine Hendricks – 2nd Mar
Lauren Pietersen – 13 Mar
Liam Liederman – 13th Mar
Alf Jessop – 24th Mar
Keegan Shaw – 29th Mar

Congratulations to Hazel & Adrian De Kock on their 49th wedding anniversary on 27th Feb 2020!

Thank you to Desiree & Keith for the lovely cheese and wine in celebration of Keith’s 65th birthday!

MERLIN gave Marty to DESIREE ARULANDU for providing such a lovely spread for all to enjoy!

Please keep Derek Sinden in your prayers as he’s dealing with some health issues.

Special Awards:
The ONION AWARD is given to a member with the most fines in a calendar year (Jan 2019 – Dec 2019).
This was a closely contested award!
2nd Place is shared between JOHN MURRAY and ROBBIE LIEDERMAN.
And drum roll please… 1st place goes to DONOVAN JURGENS! Not too sure if you should be congratulated or commiserated on this achievement!

Upcoming Outspans:
•Next outspan is the COMBINED taking place at BERGRIVER on 13th – 15th March 2020
• L21 has 23 families attending with 1 family visiting with us again.
• Our PC, Leon Manual, has confirmed that he has block booked the nearly 40 sites for this combined.
• There are 30 sites in the B block and 9 sites in the C block.
• Cost is R110 per person per night so R440 per couple for the weekend.

• Kombati is the April outspan taking place 24th to 27th April 2020.
• 10 families have confirmed attendance and our Treasurer has paid the deposit of R3300 already with a further R3300 deposit to be paid on Monday because of the increase in sites.
• Cost for this weekend is R1350 per couple for 3 nights.

• May is our AGM outspan and this will take place at Mountain Breeze from 29th – 31st May 2020.

• NAGM 2020 – Benny will provide an update in the next newsletter.

• Clothing orders have been finalised and are in production.
• The Secretary will advise when payment is due and please mark any clothing deposits with reference: your name-clothing

• Wayne has made Brag Boards – Cost is R120 per board with the National paying 50% towards the members’ cost is R60 per board.
• Schwulst/Morris, Simons and Pietersen have already paid, Gilberts and Rogers require Boards and will pay via EFT.

MEMBERS’ BOOKLET – Thanks to Bronwyn and Russell Cable for putting together the booklet.
If you were not at Onrus, you can collect your booklet at the next outspan.

• When members outspan with another Laager in the Trekkers family, please advise the Secretary so that your outspan counts can be recorded.

• Please note that that the Laager that you are visiting will need to provide you with a tag when you outspan with them.

every 3 months you are reminded to bring a pack of items to camp
March - Soap, face cloth, tissues
June - Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash
Sept - Deodorant, body lotion, talc/baby powder
Dec - Shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitiser

A financial contribution is acceptable as well,
Pay into bank account with reference: Your name+charity

Fines Master was DONOVAN JURGENS

Lionel - for parking on a sea view spot on Friday with his bakkie so we could not camp there
Renee - for wearing sunglasses long after the sun went down
Wayne - for forgetting his braai goodies behind
Russell - for telling on Wayne
Johnny - for not struggling to park his caravan and depriving us of entertainment
Sandra - for not moaning at Johnny totally out of order
Ingrid - for leaving 2 prong plug at home
Nicky - for only bring Karen a plate of food and every one had to watch while she ate it
Leighton – for reminding Leon of the encounter he had at Addo with the lion, I could see he was getting flash backs
All John’s visitors – for keeping him awake when I could see he wanted to sleep
(Linda, Jenny, Patrick, Felicity, Peter, Bev, Mark & Carla)
Keith – for tripping over his own tent ropes
Terrence – for leaving his guides ropes at home
Wessley – for losing his cell phone
Ingrid – for leaving the bakkie lights on
Johnny – for leading the singing last night that Ingrid almost called AWS to have the cats removed
Merlyn – Telling us how rough he was with Leighton up the stairs putting him to bed
Leighton – Throwing paper plates with a banana peel on the fire


Johnny – SMALL SPOON – for putting up the Liverpool flag and not taking it down at sunset
Keith – SMALL SPOON - For pole dancing, was scary
Karen – SMALL SPOON - For telling me I have everything she wants instead of I seem to have everything what we need, so I was totally shocked


Bronwyn – WOODEN SPOON – for letting your grandson sleep on a mattress that went flat!

Remember folks the issue of fines is a fun event and all proceeds go to charity.

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