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Laager 21 Ou Skip

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Laager 21 Ou Skip
29th Nov – 1st Dec 2019

Once again, a merry band of campers attended Ou Skip to celebrate the end of year Christmas outspan. On Friday, families arrived during the course of the day and by evening; everyone was set up, had prepared dinner, and then gathered around one or two of the geselsvure.

Saturday dawned, some went shopping, and others went for breakfast and explored the surrounding shopping malls. We had to head on home, as Leighton was busy with a function. When we returned the afternoon food preparations was well underway with some delicious smells coming from De Kocks gammon roasting.

Most of us headed up to the hall to set up and to create the festive cheer, with so many helpers, this didn’t take too long and soon the room was transformed with the Christmas spirit.

Later it was time dinner and thank you once again for all our members who contributed and prepared the delicious food, I must say by having cold foods it is much easier to prepare and there time for relaxing, the spread was delicious and was enjoyed by all. I would also like to thank Terence who spoiled us with a lovely Christmas cake slab for each family.

Unfortunately, Lionel had to leave for work and Leighton didn’t need much persuading to become the stand in DJ and Ingrid found a partner for Cherie, we spent the rest of the evening dancing and a great time was had by all.

All too soon it was time to pack pack up as we had to leave the hall clean and ready for morning church so thank you to all those who helped us to clear and clean up the hall.

The next morning indaba was held and wished we everyone a happy Christmas and safe travels on the road and then we had all the leftovers including the yummy puddings, which most of us couldn’t manage to eat the night before.

Packing up was the order of the day and everyone slowly made his or her way home.

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful, healthy and prosperous new year with your loved ones and if you traveling this holidays please be safe on the road and hope to see you all at our outspans in 2020


Attendees: Arulandu, Carelse, De Kock, Gilbert, Hendricks Jurgens, Murray, Pietersen, Schwulst/Morris, Shaw, Sinden, Smith, & Williams. A special warm welcome to our newest members – Jeanette & Hilton Rogers!

Apologies: Cable, Labuschagne, Lawrence, Liederman, Manuel, Saffier, Sasman/White, Scholtz, Simons and Vicars

Visitors: A warm welcome to all our visitors – trust you had a great time with us! Ann & Ronald Atkinson, Mandy & Johnny Skuce

Marty - Handed to Cherie by Terrence for setting up the decorations in the hall.

Thank you

Terrence and family for providing the members with fruit cake for the festive holidays
Bridgitta and Joan for the Christmas cake for our year end function which was enjoyed at the Indaba
To each and every member for making the Christmas function a success!


Members have been requested to finalise their clothing orders a.s.a.p.
The National body confirmed the Royal Blue golfers top is the standard colour for all Laagers.
All members are requested to obtain a standard golf top to represent our Laager.
Bronwyn to confirm and finalise all orders received by 31st January 2020.

A reminder that cash donations and/or a charity item will be appreciated.
Wayne to deliver to the Cheshire Home items received within the next 2 weeks.

Brag Boards:
The brag board orders to be finalised by Wayne.
Laager 21 paid for the material for the brag board and sent a copy of the invoice to Lesley to approach the National to fund 50% of the cost.

Upcoming Outspans:
Due to the cost and distance of Tweede Tol and camp fees, Khomeersdrif has been confirmed for the back to basics camp in January, 24 – 26th.
Cherie to provide laager 21 with provisional dates for the 2020 calendar.
Dates to hand are Onrus 21 – 23 Feb, Berg River (Combined) 13 – 15 March 2020.
NAGM in Sept 2020 – 9 families confirmed and 2 maybe’s. A block booking for the flights is a consideration.

Tips for campers:
Leighton - put fires out before going to bed.
Don - capsule you can purchase that fits onto your tyre that provides a warning if your tyre deflates.

Fines – Handed to Sandra by Lionel.
Merlin & Lesley - for trying to guess who the finesmaster is.
Lesley - what a waste of Savannah overflowing onto your pants!
Don & Derek - for telling Mandy not to get involved with Ingrid & Rene as they are bad news!
Don, Ingrid, Rene & Merlin - thought they got a great special on 3 sets of lights for R100 but then they got outside the Shop and saw it was marked R30 each!
Des A, Keith, Ingrid, Rene, Merlin & Johnny - for sleeping in the afternoon.
Penny, Roland, Benny, Des P, Cherie, Lionel, Leighton & Lesley - for making a noise till 2am and keeping Keith awake.
Leighton - for dancing in the toilet doorway so Johnny couldn’t get through.
Wayne - for complaining that the 3 bean salad had 4 beans in it.
Lionel - for going to work before the Christmas supper and leaving Cherie to dance with the pizza shovel.
Keith - for scaring Rene with his dirty dancing!
Johnny - for not marking his ropes with pool noodles so Mandy tripped over them.
Cherie - for not guiding Lionel properly.

Lionel - for bumping into Adrian’s bakkie.

Wishing everybody a happy and safe festive season, for those travelling, safe travelling mercies!
Till we meet again at the next outspan!

Get to Know Your Constitution – Part 5
Termination of Membership and Procedures for Disciplinary Action (Section 13)

1. Termination of Membership:
Membership may be terminated due to the following reasons:
1.1. Written resignation.
1.2. Non-payment of current subscription prior to the Laager’s AGM.
1.3. Failure to attend at least three outspans per year with their own Laager, without good cause.
1.4. Disciplinary action by the Committee of the Laager (Exco)

Please note:
1.5. Members may resign at any time by writing a letter to Exco informing them of their resignation.
1.6. Points 1.2 & 1.3 above: The member concerned will be informed by Exco that their membership is at risk before termination occurs. The member concerned will be given a chance to rectify the situation.
1.7. Point 1.4 above: Unless the offence is severe, termination is not an automatic process but a last resort.
1.8. On termination of membership, no refund of subscription will be made other than at the discretion of the Committee of the Laager.

2. Procedure for Disciplinary Action:
Disciplinary action would be considered when:
• A Club Member brings the name and/or the reputation of the Club or its Members into disrepute.
• The actions of a Club Member is considered to be prejudicial to the sensibilities of another Club member or members.

2.1 Disciplinary action can be instituted against a Club Member when a complaint is received by one of the following sources:
• A written complaint made to Exco by a Club Member
• A written complaint made to Exco by an outside person or body

2.2 The complainant should explain the exact reason and nature for the complaint.
2.3 The Chair or Vice Chair will convene a meeting of the Exco members to discuss the complaint and if deemed necessary, institute a hearing to hold a disciplinary enquiry.
2.4 A quorum at such a hearing will be no less than two thirds of combined elected Exco members and additional committee members of that Laager. However, the Chair or Vice Chair must be included and will act as the Hearing Chairperson.
2.5 If the complaint occurred at an Outspan then the hearing should be held at that Outspan, provided a quorum and the member concerned is present. The Chair of hearing should inform the member concerned of the hearing in the presence of another committee member. The member is given at least an hour’s notice to prepare their response. The member should be informed of the details of the complaint at the time of informing him/her of the hearing.
2.6 If the complaint occurred outside an Outspan or where not all those required are present, the member concerned and the Exco members should be informed of the place, date and time of the hearing by the Chair. Sufficient time must be given for all those required, inclusive of witnesses, to be present.
2.7 The member concerned may be assisted at their hearing by another Club member but will not be entitled to any legal or other representation from outside of the Club.
2.8 Either the Laager secretary or other designated committee member will record the salient details of the hearing.
2.9 The Hearing Committee may call any witness it deems necessary to clarify any points or present evidence at the hearing.
2.10 The member concerned may also call witnesses they deem necessary in support of their case.
2.11 At the conclusion of the hearing, the Hearing Committee will deliberate on all facts presented and once their decision is reached, they will inform the member concerned as soon as possible.
2.12 Based on the evidence presented to the Hearing Committee, one of the following actions may be taken:
2.12(a) Dismissal of the case: If there is no merit to the complaint or if insufficient evidence is presented, the case can be dismissed. This decision will be recorded in the minutes and held in the secretary’s records.
2.12(b) Verbal warning: The Hearing Committee will deliver a verbal warning to the concerned member. There should also be a written form of the verbal warning and it must be signed by the member concerned. The signed original will be given to the member concerned and copy will be kept in the secretary’s records together with the minutes of the hearing.
Should the Hearing Committee deem it necessary, the member concerned should be informed that any repeat offence or any other disciplinary action, could result in termination of their membership from the Laager and Club.

2.12(c) Suspension: The member concerned can be suspended for a period of no less than 2 months.
2.12(d) Voluntary resignation: Call upon such member to resign from the Laager and Club, failing which, proceed to dismissal.
2.12(e) Summary dismissal: Dismissal from the Laager and Club will be conveyed verbally by the Hearing Committee but a subsequent written form of the dismissal will be signed by the member concerned. The signed original will be given to the member concerned and copy will be kept in the secretary’s records together with the minutes of the hearing.

In the next edition of “Get to Know your Constitution”, we’ll discuss Procedures for Appeal Against a Disciplinary Action Being Taken by a Laager (Section 13B of the Constitution)

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