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Laager 3 Hollandse Molen

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Laager 3 Hollandse Molen


1. Welcome
Mark opened the meeting and thanked everyone for participating in joining us for the weekend

2. Present

10 members
Mark & Susie Wileman
Charlotte and Matthew
Nigel and Carol Harris
Debbie and Kevin Watkyns
Bev Houghton (Serena and Lilly)
Vanessa Duimelaar and Wayne Henstock
Mark and Johanna Webster
Brenda & Mac Bohme
Edwin and Amanda Oosthuizen (Chelsea and Alexis)
Willem and Debbie Honing

Brian and Charlaine (Jade and Cameron)
Bruce and Tanya
Kristen and family
Debbi Watkyns son and fiancé

3. Chairman’s Comments on camping weekend

Mark advised that we were blessed with good weather for the weekend and thanked everyone for attending. Friday night was abit windy but the overall weekend was amazing

Mark wished Carol and Johanna a Happy Birthday, and cake and tea will be provided after the meeting
Mark also just informed everyone that Uncle Robert is at home now and is doing much better, hope to see you soon Uncle Robert- we miss you

We also discussed the parks for next year: Not yet finalized
24-26 January – Ganzekraal
28-30 Feb – Hollandse Molen
13-15 March- Berg River
10-13 April- Leeunsbosch fontein
8-9 May- Ouskip
30 April- 3 May- Klipkrans
12-14 June- Yzerfontein (R300 pn 1 to 4 ppl on site)
10-12 July- Mountain Breeze (R280 pn)
7-10 August- Bonnievale Riverlodge (R150 pp pn)
25-27 September- Fish eagle (R100 pppn, R35 pn for electricity)
30-1 November- Champagne on the river Grayton (R350 pn)
20-22 November- Watergat

4. Upcoming Events:

13-15 March – Berg river (R110 p.p.p.n)- need to pay aunty Bev R220 deposit if you want to join for the weekend

5. Birthdays


Mark Wileman 09/03
Pam Harris 19/03
Edwin Oosthuizen 24/03
Freddy VD Sluis 28/03


Susarah Wileman 08/04

6. Awards

Spoon: Mac- for shit stirring

Dummy: Suzie- for asking Mark for ice but then going into Vanessa’s caravan to fetch it

Sparky: Debbie for house cleaning

7. Fines

Fines Master - Matthew

Dad- for breaking the flag
Mac- brings all of his stuff to the braai, but no sponge to wash up
Bev- for washing up the whole weekend
Mac- for coming late
Vanessa- for coming late
Freddy- they not pensioners, so why start braaing at 16.00

Mark closed the meeting and wished everyone a safe trip home.

You can buy first-aid kits at many drugstores or assemble your own. You may want to tailor your kit based on your activities and needs. A first-aid kit might include:
Basic supplies
• Adhesive tape
• Elastic wrap bandages
• Bandage strips and "butterfly" bandages in assorted sizes
• Super glue
• Rubber tourniquet or 16 French catheter
• Nonstick sterile bandages and roller gauze in assorted sizes
• Eye shield or pad
• Large triangular bandage (may be used as a sling)
• Aluminum finger splint
• Instant cold packs
• Cotton balls and cotton-tipped swabs
• Disposable nonlatex examination gloves, several pairs
• Duct tape
• Petroleum jelly or other lubricant
• Plastic bags, assorted sizes
• Safety pins in assorted sizes
• Scissors and tweezers
• Hand sanitizer
• Antibiotic ointment
• Antiseptic solution and towelettes
• Eyewash solution
• Thermometer
• Turkey baster or other bulb suction device for flushing wounds
• Sterile saline for irrigation, flushing
• Breathing barrier (surgical mask)
• Syringe, medicine cup or spoon
• First-aid manual
• Hydrogen peroxide to disinfect

• Aloe vera gel
• Calamine lotion
• Anti-diarrhea medication
• Laxative
• Antacids
• Antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine
• Hydrocortisone cream
• Cough and cold medications
• Personal medications that don't need refrigeration
• Auto-injector of epinephrine, if prescribed by your doctor
• Pain relievers, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol, others), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others)

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